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Shaq drops truth bomb on LeBron James, Lakers slander

Shaq Lakers LeBron James

The age conversation is something LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers will have to live with throughout this NBA season. Short of winning the title, they probably won’t hear the end of it.

In a recent First Take appearance with Stephen A. Smith, Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal thinks that the ridicule is unfounded. The Lakers have one of the oldest rosters in NBA history, but according to the Diesel, it also makes them the most experienced.

“A lot of people always talk about age,” said Shaq. “But show me a young team that dominate. Listen, young teams always make noise, but when they get to the playoffs what do you always say? ‘Oh, they don’t have enough experience.’

The Brooklyn Nets and the Lakers have the most experience when it comes to age. I’m not worried about all that young talk.”

Shaq does make a valid point. Young teams are often counted out due to their relative inexperience come playoff time. This Lakers team has the championship pedigree and star power to contend for a title, and then some.

The biggest gripe that makes sense would be that their age would cause more injuries and that they wouldn’t survive the regular season. But injuries affect teams all the time, old or young. The Lakers are willing to take their chances with health. Maybe wait for them to actually stumble before you label them as old geezers?