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The biggest winner of LeBron James’ number change from 23 to 6 isn’t on the Lakers

Lakers LeBron James Devin Booker Suns jersey number

LeBron James’ decision to switch numbers on his Los Angeles Lakers jersey from 23 to 6 may seem like a subtle shift, but its effects are more far reaching than you’d think.

Talk of the Lakers star’s number change started a year prior, as his intention to gift it to his All-Star teammate Anthony Davis, who also used to wear the same number during his time with the New Orleans Pelicans. But while the exchange with AD isn’t happening just yet, The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported on James’ confirmed switch.

While the Lakers star had to deal with a host of minutia about sponsorship deals, worrying about jersey stocks, and other complications, there was one NBA star who benefitted greatly from the move – Phoenix Suns All-Star Devin Booker. You may recall that James famously gifted Booker with his signed jersey after the Suns stunned the Lakers in the first round.

Barring another shift back, that jersey now officially becomes James’ last game-worn Lakers uniform with his original number on it. The fact that it’s signed and inscribed with a personal message makes it all the more special. Just imagine the dollar value that one piece would have, which could be worth 7-figures, or possibly even an 8-figure price tag once the Lakers star hangs it up.

The Suns scorer definitely earned the trophy after putting on one of the most mesmerizing scoring performances you could ever see in a playoff closeout game. Booker scored 47 total points to bury the Lakers, including 22 points and six triples in the first quarter alone. Those six threes in the first period were the most he’s made in an entire game prior to that.

But given that Devin Booker is a multi-millionaire, the jersey’s worth as a lasting memento of the time he took down the King probably means much more to him than selling it to the highest bidder. Frame that on your wall with pride, Book.