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Leon Edwards goes off on ‘fraud’ Jorge Masvidal for pulling out of UFC 269

Leon Edwards, UFC, Jorge Masvidal

UFC welterweights Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards had their upcoming bout at UFC 269 halted as Masvidal was forced to pull out due to an injury. Edwards opted not to look for a replacement and wait for a title shot instead.

Leon Edwards recently spoke to ESPN about Jorge Masvidal pulling out of UFC 269. The Englishman was not surprised at all.

“I knew he was going to,” Edwards said. “I heard some news coming back that he was looking a bit fat, he was looking chubby still. I didn’t think he was training for it to be honest. I always knew he was going to run away. It’s been three years since the incident in London and he’s been dodging me ever since.”

“I believe he’s a fraud and he’s doing what he needs to get out of the fight. He knows that once he loses to me, where does he go?”

Leon Edwards found it easy to decide to wait for the title shot. He believes the UFC recognizes him as the next logical challenger to Kamaru Usman.

“I feel [the UFC] sees it,” Edwards said. “They now believe I am well-deserving. There is no one else for Usman to fight. I’m the guy saying ‘yes’ all the time. I’m the guy fighting. I feel the promotion and I am on the same page, let’s say that.”

It won’t be easy for Leon Edwards to get the next title shot but there is no doubt that he is very deserving. His last fight saw him dominate Nate Diaz at UFC 263.