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Replay shows Packers’ David Bakhtiari grabbed Lions’ Trey Flowers’ face mask when Flowers was penalized

David Bakhtiari, Trey Flowers, Packers, Lions

The officiating ruled “Monday Night Football” between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions. There was no better example than that on the last drive when Green Bay seemingly got a free first down off of a call that should not have been a call.

Referee Clete Blakeman and his crew deemed that Lions defensive end Trey Flowers earned an illegal hands to the face penalty on a failed third-down by the Packers.

Yet, those with eyes could tell that the opposite was true. Flowers did not use his hands in an illegal fashion on left tackle David Bakhtiari. In fact, Bakhtiari was the one to place his hands on Flowers’ face mask.

Judge for yourself above. It looks as if Flowers does nothing illegal, with Bakhtiari being the one who should have earned a yellow flag if anybody. Nonetheless, the officiating staff penalized Detroit, gave them a first down, and let Green Bay hit a game-winning kick with time expiring.

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