The LIV Golf debate will not end anytime soon, especially with the PGA merger ruffling the feathers of many people in the sport. Now, Lee Westwood and Eddie Pepperell have engaged in a lengthy, hilarious back and forth on social media.

The debate began after the latest OWGR rankings came out. Westwood commented with a laughing emoji, which brought an honest response from Pepperell:

“I’ll tell you what’s a joke Lee; you earning 3X the average annual UK salary in one week for shooting +20 over 3 rounds.”

In the most recent LIV Golf event in New Jersey over the weekend, Westwood finished in last place out of 48 players but still brought home $120,000 as a prize, which wasn't pleasing to Pepperell, who kept firing away in the thread:

“It’s all laughable. From you earning £100k last week for playing like a turnip to the TGL/PIP. Pro golf has degraded itself to being just about the money. Maybe it always has been and I’m naive, but it isn’t doing much to improve the sport and genuinely ‘grow the game.’”

Pepperell then engaged with a few fans on the same thread before Westwood chimed in and made things even more entertaining. At the end of it all, Westwood posted a Homer Simpson GIF and mentioned Pepperell in the post, seemingly putting an end to the debate between the two golfers.

The LIV Golf-PGA Tour debate won't be ending anytime soon, and the players might not be done engaging with one another. The next time Eddie Pepperell and Lee Westwood meet should be interesting.