Lizzo, the talented singer behind hits like Good as Hell, has recently expressed her frustration and weariness with the negative comments about her weight on social media. The Grammy-winning artist has even gone as far as contemplating quitting her music career due to the relentless fat-shaming she faces online, The Cut shares.

The catalyst for Lizzo's emotional response came when she stumbled upon a cruel post on Twitter, shared by YouTuber Layah Heilpern. The post featured a video of Lizzo's tribute to Tina Turner, accompanied by comments about her weight and diet, followed by a laughing emoji. Disheartened by the constant scrutiny, Lizzo vented her frustration, stating that she encounters such hurtful remarks about her weight “on a daily basis,” despite never actively searching for her own name online.

Expressing her exhaustion, Lizzo admitted that she just wants to enjoy her time online by watching dance videos and keeping up with science news without being confronted by derogatory comments about her appearance. The constant discussion about her weight has taken a toll on her mental well-being and made her consider quitting her music career altogether.

The singer took to social media to share her thoughts, conveying her disappointment in the world and the overwhelming negativity she faces. Lizzo expressed her desire to escape the constant scrutiny and retreat to a simpler life, saying she longs to “enjoy [her] money and [her] man on a F–KING FARM.” She questioned why the love she receives doesn't outweigh the hate, particularly emphasizing the absurdity of being targeted solely because of her weight.

In her candid revelation, Lizzo concluded with a powerful statement, expressing her discontent with the current state of affairs: “The Love definitely do not outweigh the Hate on social media… all because I’m fat???? This is CRAZY.” Her final words, “I hate it here,” echoed the emotional toll that constant fat shaming has taken on her.