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Lonzo Ball received Curry 4s from Stephen Curry himself

Lonzo Ball, lakers

Lonzo Ball’s shoe selection during the Summer League games has continued to make headlines. While many expected him to showcase his own ZO2’s, he has surprisingly worn other players’ like Kobe Bryant, James Harden, and Stephen Curry’s signature kicks instead — with the latest being Jordan Brand‘s.

During Saturday’s game against the Brooklyn Nets, the former UCLA Bruin wore the Under Armour Curry 4’s. What most were unaware of was how he got a hold of the pair. As it turns out, Ball received the shoes from none other than the Golden State Warriors star guard himself.

Ball recently clarified the reason why he’s opted to wearing non-Big Baller Brand sneakers, but it remains to be seen if the bidding war between the big shoe companies they plan on starting will actually happen.

There may be a lot of chatter on the choice of shoes Ball has been sporting so far this summer, but what cannot be denied is his impressive showing, which has given the Lakers’ fans a lot to feel positive about. If he continues his stellar play, it won’t matter to them what shoes he wears, as long as he performs well and helps his team win.