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Mo Bamba roasts LeBron James for his rap song

Mo Bamba, LeBron James

Orlando Magic rookie Mo Bamba may be a fan of LeBron James the basketball superstar; but he appears to have zero admiration for LeBron the rapper.

Bamba recently shared a video of himself on his social media questioning James’ intentions when he recorded the recently unearthed rap track together with Golden State Warriors stud Kevin Durant. To be fair to Bamba, he was man enough to roast LeBron face-to-face.

LeBron’s collaboration with Durant, which was recorded during the 2011 NBA lockout, has received mixed reviews since it surfaced last week. As proven by his cynical inquiry on the clip, Bamba is obviously not a fan.

It seems like Bamba has had no trouble adjusting to NBA life since being drafted sixth overall by the Magic last June. Not only is he rubbing elbows with no less than LeBron James, but his relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers star is already at a point in which friendly jabs are no longer off limits.

For his part, James did take the roastery in stride. He is a firm believer in the force behind his bars, and appears to have no regrets whatsoever about the seven-year-old mixtape. LeBron is obviously confident about his rap game, and no one, especially Bamba, can tell him otherwise.

Nonetheless, Bamba better be careful about criticizing the other half of this duet, as this may prove to be yet another sensitive subject for Durant.