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‘Mo Bamba’ song becomes larger than the real life 7-footer

Basketball and hip-hop have had a natural marriage since the 1980s, and the current era has shifted to mention more players than team allegiances in song lyrics, making it a must for players to be mentioned at some point during their careers.

For former Texas standout Mo Bamba, he has yet to play a single minute of his rookie season with the Orlando Magic, but more people already know his name without knowing who he is, thanks to the popular club-banger named after him by childhood friend and rapper Sheck Wes.

Bamba had heard Jayson Tatum had his name mentioned while in high school by St. Louis rapper La4ss, which sparked his attention into getting noticed and getting his name in a track.

“There was a lot of other people that had their own song, or their name in a verse in high school,” Bamba told Master Tesfatsion of Bleacher Report. “I was just, like, to stamp my high school career, I gotta get my name in a song.”

Wes, who played hoops with Bamba as the two grew up together in New York, was hands-on to make that happen, soon coming out with a joint for his friend to enjoy.

“After the months and months and years went, I was always playing the song in the weight room,” Bamba said. “People started gravitating to it. Then something happened, and it blew up. Now, it’s playing in every party and every club. It’s crazy.”

What started as a simple request turned into a novelty, but soon evolved into an overnight sensation.

“This dude named a whole song after me,” said Bamba still in amazement. “I’m known more for that song than my basketball career, which is crazy to me.”

The 7-foot center was drafted sixth overall by the Magic in June’s NBA Draft, which now further validates the song as a true sensation.