Here is our Star Social Link Guide for Mamoru Hayase (Rival Athlete) in Persona 3 Portable. The guide includes the dialogue options, his available days, and more.

This guide may contain spoilers, so do be careful.

It is important to note that this guide is for Persona 3 Portable, which originally came out in 2010 and received a remaster for modern platforms in 2023. The Social Link Guide for Star in Persona 3 Reload is a different guide altogether.

Persona 3 Portable Mamoru Hayase (Rival Athlete) Star Social Link Guide

You can find him in the Iwatodai Strip Mall, across from the bookstore. He is available during the day every day except Thursday. Unlike Persona 4 and 5, the Protagonist does not get additional skills during battle. If you do max his Social Link, however, you will receive the Car Key, which allows the fusion of Helel.

Mamoru Hayase Dialogue Options

Male Protagonist

If you choose to play as the male protagonist, you can start the Social Link as early as August 9. To start it, the player must first meet him during the Sports Meet on August 2. After that, they must look for Mamoru in the Iwatodai Strip Mall.

The affection points below assume that you have a Persona of the Star arcana with you.

Rank 1

  • What is your eating strategy?
    • Swallow the takoyaki whole 0
    • Eat it before it cools 0
  • “I'm impressed, ! Not many people can match my speed.”
    • I thought I could win. 0
    • I expected to lose, actually. 0

Rank 2

  • “Someday I'll be famous, and then I'll be the one sponsoring them!”
    • I'm jealous. +3
    • No pressure, huh? +2
  • “By the way, who do you consider your biggest rival?”
    • Myself, really. +3
    • Probably you, Mamoru. +2

Rank 3

  • “…Think maybe I should buy some for them too?”
    • For your classmates? +2
    • Who do you mean? +2
  • “Our apartment's pretty small, though, so we have to pack 'em deep. Ha ha.”
    • Sounds like fun. +2
    • That must be tough. +2

Rank 4

  • “Oh man… just a few more.”
    • What are you doing? +3
    • Enjoy your food. +3
  • “You know what that means? If I do well enough, I might get a scholarship nod.”
    • Sounds like a good plan. +2
    • …Yeah, and? 0
  • “I bet my mother would be really relieved.”
    • Yeah, I bet she would be. +2
    • How would I know? 0

Rank 5

  • “*pant* *pant* Sorry I kept you waiting… *gasp*”
    • Are you okay? +2
    • You're late. 0
  • “I used to come here a lot with my teammates, but…”
    • We should come here again. +2
    • So what happened? 0

Rank 6

  • > What would you like to do?
    • Look around for Mamoru 0
    • Stay and wait a bit longer 0
  • > What would you like to do?
    • Look around for Mamoru 0
    • Stay and wait a bit longer 0
  • > What would you like to do?
    • Look around for Mamoru 0
    • Stay and wait a bit longer 0
  • “Sorry man, I don't think I can meet up with you today.”
    • Hey, no problem. +3
    • Did something come up? +2

Rank 7

  • “Thanks for coming down here…”
    • I don't mind. +2
    • What happened? 0
  • “I've got so much I have to do.”
    • Yeah, that's tough. +2
    • What's with the complaints? +2
  • “Damn! I wish Dad were still alive!”
    • You can't do much about it. 0
    • Well do something about it. 0
  • “…Is it really gonna end like this?”
    • Don't give up! +3
    • You should just accept it. 0

Rank 8

  • “Hmmm…”
    • You should get some more. +3
    • I could spot you a few bills. 0
  • “…And after all that, it was probably my fault nobody seemed focused on winning.”
    • That's right. +2
    • Don't worry about it. +2

Rank 9

  • “So, the big meet was yesterday.”
    • And you won? +2
    • …And you lost? 0
  • “I got first place, of course!”
    • Do a victory celebration +2
    • Act surprised 0
  • “…Makes me feel a little empty, you know?”
    • So what's next for you? +2
    • Then, play a different game. +2
  • “Order extra noodles. Go on, it's on me.”
    • Thank him for his generosity +2
    • Politely decline his offer 0

Rank 10

  • “Hey… Glad we could meet up one more time before I take off.”
    • Take off? 0
    • Oh, are you moving soon? 0
  • “Hey, I gotta go.”
    • See Mamoru off 0
    • Stop Mamoru from leaving 0

Female Protagonist

If you choose to play as the female protagonist, you will not have Mamoru Hayase as your Star Social Link. Instead, Akihiko Sanada will be your Star Social Link.

That’s all for our guide on Persona 3 Portable’s Star Social Link, Mamoru Hayase. Persona 3 Portable is available on PC. For more gaming news from us, you can check out our gaming news articles.