Gabriela Cavallin, the ex-girlfriend of Manchester United star Antony, has spoken out for the first time since the Brazilian winger's return to training at Old Trafford. Antony recently returned to Manchester after being in Brazil since early September, when he joined the national team. However, he was subsequently withdrawn from the squad due to allegations by Cavallin and two other women.

The Premier League club had granted Antony a leave of absence earlier to address the allegations. As he resumes training, Cavallin has broken her silence through a press release from her attorneys. The statement indicates that the alleged crimes committed by Antony are still under investigation by both Manchester Police and Brazilian Police. It suggests that the Manchester United man may soon face a trial.

The press release also alludes to the belief that there may be ulterior motives behind Antony's return to training, insinuating that the allegations against him are being manipulated to serve other interests.

Antony had previously given an emotional television interview in Brazil, vehemently denying the allegations. He stated, “I know the truth, and it will come out. I'm 100 percent sure I never touched a woman, and I'll come up with the evidence. I'm sure I've never committed physical violence.”

In September, Antony released a statement affirming his innocence and explaining his mutual agreement with Manchester United to take a leave of absence while addressing the allegations. He expressed his commitment to cooperate with the police investigation and eagerly anticipated returning to playing as soon as possible.

While Antony has resumed training with Manchester United, he did not feature in the squad for their recent 1-0 defeat to Crystal Palace. The situation surrounding the allegations continues to evolve, with the club and Antony awaiting further developments in the ongoing investigations.