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Mario Golf: Super Rush release date, trailers, and details

Mario Golf: Super Rush, release date

Mario Golf: Super Rush surprised fans in the recent Nintendo Direct. It’s definitely an announcement we didn’t expect, though we did predict a new Mario game coming out. This will be the first Mario Golf game to come out since Mario Golf: World Toufor the 3DS in 2014. It’s also the first game since 2003 to come out on consoles. With 34 years under its belt, Nintendo’s golf series continues to shine as one of its premier sports titles.


The Nintendo Direct caught many fans off-guard with the Mario Golf: Super Rush announcement trailer. It’s a very nice surprise, to say the least. The series hasn’t seen a mainline title for consoles for over a decade, so it only makes sense for Nintendo to bring out a new one. Hence, Mario Golf: Super Rush releases on June 25, 2021, on the Nintendo Switch.

The game will have new features that give golf a renewed vibrance. This is not your grandpa’s golf, so prepare for high-octane golfing in Super Rush. Introducing the  Speed Golf game mode, players will compete in a game where they take their swings all at the same time. Only time matters here, as the first person to literally sink their ball in the hole becomes the winner.

Players also can play through a story mode campaign with their Mii. Mario Golf: Super Rush features RPG progression for the Mii in the story mode. Players can also explore the Mushroom Kingdom with their character, interacting with NPCs and taking part in various events and tournaments.


For the purists, you can still enjoy golf the way people traditionally do. With the Nintendo Switch’s advanced technology contained in its Joy-Con controllers, players will experience close-to-life motion controls. Using the Joy-Con as a substitute to an actual golf club, players can swing their way in Super Rush. Alternatively, traditional gamepad controls will also be available for players who don’t feel like standing up each time it’s their turn.

We assume that both control schemes will be available to choose from at any time in the game. Even mid-match, players should be able to swap control schemes to the one they see fit for the situation. Furthermore, we expect that either control scheme will be equally effective in play. Hence, players can choose the control scheme they are comfortable with and not worry about being at a disadvantage.


Being a Mario title, the game will only launch for the Nintendo Switch consoles. With over 80 million units shipped, Nintendo doesn’t mind so much selling their games exclusively to the Switch. However, they can also take the series to mobile platforms, just like what they did to the Mario Kart series.

Camelot Software Planning, the developer of many of Nintendo’s Mario sports titles, works on Mario Golf: Super Rush. They developed the previous title in the Mario Golf series, World Tour, as well as the successful Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch. Other titles under Camelot’s belt include Capcom’s We Love Golf! for the Nintendo Wii, Mario Sports Superstars for the Nintendo 3DS, and Sega’s Shining series for the Sega Genesis, Game Gear, and Sega Saturn. If anything, Camelot’s track record shows that they are good at making sports games.