This year, the NBA has introduced a play-in game scenario for the playoffs. For both conferences, seeds 7-10 compete in said play-in game. The winners of those matchups earn the seventh and eighth seeds in their conference. Naturally, whenever something new comes to fruition, there will be some criticism. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban took to Twitter and confessed his dislike for the play-in game situation. However, after some backlash from his comments, Cuban decided to clarify his take.

The point Cuban is making is simple, and is on par with the players complaining about participating in the All-Star game. With the league still dealing with multiple COVID-19 issues throughout this season, Cuban is questioning the decision made to launch the play-in game idea this season.

It's a valid argument, as the NBA has been rather inconsistent with their COVID protocols this year. After doing such a magnificent job with the NBA Bubble for the playoffs in 2020, some in the league feel the NBA has created unnecessary situations that don't make sense for a shortened, COVID-19 filled year. Mark Cuban clearly being one of them.

The play-in game is another great idea that Adam Silver and the NBA have generated. It gives teams just on the outside of the playoff hunt a chance to make their way into the postseason. This became a popular idea after the Phoenix Suns dominated in the Bubble, just to miss out on the postseason altogether.

With Cuban's clarification, it's easy to understand where he's coming from, as every point makes sense. Either way, the play-in game should be here to say, as it'll be fun to watch those matchups play out.