Meghan Markle, the former “Suits” star and wife of Prince Harry, won't be accompanying her husband on his upcoming trip to the United Kingdom for the annual WellChild charity event. Harry has been a patron of WellChild for 15 years and regularly attends the event, but this year, Meghan is reportedly skipping the UK portion of the trip, according to the New York Post.

Royal expert and historian Dr. Tessa Dunlop believes Meghan's absence from the UK speaks volumes about her feelings toward the country. She stated, “Apparently she is not gracing London with her presence. A rare Sussex double act is being saved for Germany where the Duchess will assist Harry with the closing ceremony.” Dunlop further speculated that Meghan's decision might be influenced by her perspective on the UK and the ongoing debate about the couple's UK security and its funding.

Dunlop added, “On this occasion, I suspect Meghan's no-show in London says more about her antipathy towards Britain, than the couple's relationship. We don’t deserve her, at least so she probably thinks.” She also pointed out that Meghan Markle will join Harry in Düsseldorf, Germany, for his Invictus Games just a few days after his stopover in the UK.

While Harry is making a brief visit to the UK for the WellChild charity event on Sept. 7, it's unlikely that he will have the opportunity to see members of his estranged family, including his father, King Charles, and his brother, Prince William.

Meghan and Harry's relationship with the UK has been a topic of discussion since their departure from royal duties and their relocation to the United States. Meghan's absence from the UK event further fuels speculation about their sentiments toward their former home.