The Michigan football team lost a lot of their top players from last year’s national championship squad, but perhaps their best player is back in 2024. That player is cornerback Will Johnson. Johnson has been an absolute stud during his first two seasons with the Wolverines, and he is expected to be one of the best players in college football this year. This Michigan defense is going to be scary good, and he is the leader of it.

Last season, Will Johnson made countless big plays to help the Wolverines win a national championship. He had a huge interception to set up a touchdown against Ohio State, and he also had one in the national championship to halt Washington’s momentum. He was incredible, and Michigan football head coach Sherrone Moore has high expectations for him in 2024.

“To be the best corner in the country,” Sherrone Moore said when he was asked about his expectations for Johnson, according to a tweet from The Wolverine. “The dude just doesn’t stop working. I gotta tell him sometimes, ‘Bro, you gotta chill.’ He’s not satisfied with anything. He’s not satisfied with hype.”

Those are lofty expectations, but expectations that make sense. Johnson has already shown that he can be the best corner in the country, and a lot of people in the college football world are expecting him to be the best in 2024.

Will Johnson will more than likely be a first-round draft pick

Michigan defensive back Will Johnson prays before kickoff against Washington in the national championship game at NRG Stadium

If Will Johnson entered the NFL Draft at this very moment, he would be a first-round pick, and a very early one. He is that good. However, he has only played two seasons with the Michigan football team, so he had to come back for his junior year. It should be a big season for him.

It would be a shock if Johnson doesn’t leave for the NFL after the 2024 season. He is expected to go very highly, and here is what NFL Draft Buzz has to say about his game.

“Will Johnson has the tools to be an impact player in the NFL,” Johnson’s player summary reads. “His combination of size, speed, and ball skills makes him a versatile defender capable of excelling in multiple coverage schemes. His ability to read plays and react quickly sets him apart, making him a valuable asset in both man and zone coverage. However, Johnson’s game is not without flaws. He needs to refine his technique in press coverage and improve his footwork to avoid getting beat on double moves. Additionally, his physical style can sometimes lead to penalties, and he must work on maintaining better pad level to enhance his effectiveness on inside routes. Overall, Johnson’s upside is off the charts. If he can address his limited weaknesses, he has the potential to become a top-tier cornerback in the NFL. His physical attributes and football IQ give him a strong foundation to build upon, and with the right coaching, he could develop into a shutdown corner at the next level.”

This is going to be a big season for Will Johnson, and his head coach is expecting big things from him.