The Michigan football team is 1-0 after cruising to a 30-3 victory over East Carolina football last weekend. The Wolverines looked good, but we weren't able to get a good look at the whole team because of the injuries that Michigan is dealing with. One of those injuries is to sophomore cornerback Amorion Walker. Walker was originally a wide receiver, but he recently converted to CB and seemed poised to be an impact player on defense this season for the Wolverines. Unfortunately for Walker, he went down with an injury in fall camp. However, it sounds like things are heading in the right direction for the young talent.

“Well, Amorion is a special talent, we all know that,” Michigan football DBs coach Steve Clinkscale said according to an article from “But what I see for him now — so spring doesn’t matter, this summer doesn’t matter. What I see for him now is he’s locked in. He’s in here. He’s not able to practice, but he’s watching film, he’s taking notes, you should see his notes. I take his notes and show them to everybody. He’s taking notes like he’s — everything.”

Amorion Walker seems to be laser focused right now. He knows that he can't do anything on the field because of his injury, but he's still doing everything in his power to be the best player and teammate that he can be.

“If I burp, he writes down burp,” Clinkscale jokingly continued. “He’s taking notes, he’s listening to everything. He’s being a sponge, and that’s what you want from your players. If they’re not able to do it physically, do it mentally, right? And that way, now, when a younger guy wants to talk to him, he can give them the right answer.”

It sounds like Walker is handling the injury in the best possible way. While it's still unclear when Walker will come back, the staff sounds confident that he will be turning heads when he is able to play again.

“I’ve been proud of him about how he’s handled this,” Clinkscale said. “It’s not been an emotional deal where you can disappear, you don’t see him while he’s injured. He’s here every day all the time. We text and communicate every day. So I think that when he does come back, it’ll help him just kind of just catapult to where he was and maybe even surpass it. So looking forward to big things from all those guys. I think they’ve done a great job.”