The most anticipated free agent in MLB history is about two months away from being allowed to negotiate with all 30 teams. Shohei Ohtani is expected to sign the biggest contract in league history this winter, and the New York Mets may be a potential landing spot for the likely AL MVP.

Though the Mets had a disappointing 2023 season that fell well short of expectations, owner Steve Cohen could make the move of the century and go after Ohtani, according to John Harper.

“If the Japanese superstar is willing, every baseball person I spoke to fully expects that owner Steve Cohen would make the biggest offer, even if Ohtani won’t pitch in 2024 and even though the Mets have indicated they may not be all-in next season after their sell-off at the trade deadline,” Harper said.

The Mets entered the 2023 season with the largest payroll in the MLB and off the back of a 100-win season in 2022. They leave it with questions about the direction of the franchise in the imminent future.

New York is hiring David Stearns as its new general manager, a move that signals a want to compete right away. Courting Shohei Ohtani sure seems to be a win-now move, but the Mets aren’t guaranteed to get him. Ohtani is reported to prefer the West Coast, which makes the Los Angeles Dodgers the favorites to land him.

The Mets have the pockets to make Ohtani a legitimate offer, thanks to Steve Cohen. The approach is one thing, the execution is another. Will Ohtani be able to say no to the Mets even if they give him the biggest offer?