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Moon Knight episode 4 ending explained

Moon Knight, Marvel, Oscar Isaac, Entertainment

The last time we saw Moon Knight, Khonshu was trapped inside a stone idol while Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow gloated over his former master. This helped kick off Marc Spector and Steven Grant’s latest chapter as they try to stop Ammit from coming back to life. And with the mind-bending events being too hard to comprehend at first, here’s Moon Knight episode 4 ending explained to make things easier.

Moon Knight episode 4 ending explained

Moon Knight, Marvel, Entertainment

The episode starts with Steven unconscious, thanks to Khonshu trapped inside a stone idol by the other Egyptian gods, as unknown individuals assail him and Layla. After fending them off, the pair then proceed to the coordinates they sourced from the last episode. Steven then refuses to give control of the body up to Marc while lying to Layla about what’s going to happen after they fulfilled their mission.

They then discover Harrow’s group excavating Ammit’s tomb and decide to find another way inside. While checking for supplies, Marc confronts Steven and pleads with him to surrender the body. The more timid personality refuses as he and Layla prepare to enter the tomb. But before do, they share a moment that led to a kiss between the two. As Layla goes first, Marc lands a good punch on Steven for what he did to his wife.

As the pair go deeper, they discover that the tomb’s structure resembles the Eye of Horus. As they learn which way to go, the sounds of gunshots force them to hide. At this point, an undead creature is seen opening a body, presumably one of Harrow’s men, upon a stone table. They then get separated when more of these undead start to chase them. At this point, the episode’s tone shifts to one of horror, both physical and psychological.

Layla is then stuck dealing with the horrifying creatures while traversing a narrow path. She then kills one before falling off into a dark part of the cavern. It is then revealed that the tomb of Ammit, one where her ushabti is located, is the tomb of Alexander the Great. The latter is an emperor of Macedonian descent who built one of the largest empires in history, including conquering Egypt.

As Steven enters the tomb of Ammit, he mentions Nefertiti, the Rammeside dynasty, and all the rulers who were given authority by the gods Marc and Steven have allied with. Meanwhile, Harrow finds Layla and is about to tell her about Marc’s secret.

Meanwhile, Steven comes up with the solution to all of his and Marc’s troubles – getting the ushabti of Ammit. Khonshu’s avatar does that by retrieving it from the throat of a mummified Alexander. As he did, Layla then confronts Marc, who has been told of his secret by Harrow about his involvement in the demise of his father. This goes back to the last episode when she tries to confront the mercenary’s personality about the secrets he’s been keeping.

Marc then admits that he was indeed there during the death of Layla’s father and told her how he died. While they chose this time to bicker, Harrow and his men arrive. Marc was shot by Harrow just as he gained control of the body to talk to Layla. As this happens, the episode moves into something past the mythological aspects upon which this show was built upon. Marc falls through a dark void and wakes up in a different environment than the one before – in a psychiatric hospital.

This new location is filled with familiar characters from Moon Knight’s first three episodes, including Layla who’s now a nurse in this ward. Marc tries to call on Steven as he talks to his reflection, but fails. Right after, it’s then revealed that Harrow is a psychologist who’s tasked to convince Marc that he’s a patient suffering from delusions. He implies that Steven, Khonshu, and even Ammit, are just creations of Marc’s fragile mental state.

Harrow then continues to push upon the idea of Marc suffering from a serious mental illness. Marc himself is disoriented due to being sedated. Yet somehow, he escapes from Harrow. Marc then stumbles upon Steven, who is now in a separate and distinct body but still sharing the same face, from inside a sarcophagus. He frees Steven and the two are confused about why they’re now in separate bodies.

The pair try to escape from the strange institution they’re in only to run into another sarcophagus. The pair then run into an adorable visage of what seems to be the Egyptian goddess of fertility, Tawaret. The episode then ends with both Marc and Steven screaming.

What just happened? A Moon Knight episode 4 recap

The first half of this episode dealt mainly with Layla, Steven, and Marc’s quest to recover Ammit’s ushabti before Harrow does. After battling through undead creatures, Harrow’s men, and the revelation of Marc’s involvement in the death of Layla’s father, the whole series then shifts into a very different tone.

After Marc was shot by Harrow himself, he wakes up inside a psychiatric ward right after falling into an endless void. The mercenary is then made to believe that he is suffering from severe mental illness, particularly multiple personalities, and has been inside this facility for quite some time. He is then taken to Harrow, who is posing as a psychologist here, before escaping from his office. It gets weird from that point on.

As he traverses the ward’s hallways, Marc stumbles upon Steven inside a sarcophagus and frees him. The key detail here is that they are now in separate bodies, but still sharing the same face. This can be a clue that all of this is happening inside Marc’s mind since there has been no recollection of the two having two distinct bodies.

While they try to figure out where they are and how to escape Harrow, the pair find a creature wearing an old Egyptian attire with the head of a hippopotamus. This is Tawaret and her involvement can lead to a possible rescue next week.