Most heartbreaking moments in Buffalo Bills history
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Most heartbreaking moments in Buffalo Bills history

The Buffalo Bills‘ history has been filled with all kinds of disappointment. This is the same team that has played in four straight Super Bowls, losing all four. For a franchise filled with low moments, some stand out above the rest.

Let’s look at the most heartbreaking moments in Bills history.

Bills lose to Steelers third-stringers

In 2003, all the Buffalo Bills needed to do was beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 17 and get some help to get into the playoffs. The Steelers were sending out the third-stringers with their playoff position already locked up. That seemed to tilt things in Buffalo’s favor, so if the Bills won, they were in. But that didn’t happen.

With two minutes left to go in the game, the Steelers were leading, 29-17. Willis McGahee scored a touchdown but it wasn’t enough as the Bills ultimately lost the game.

Missing out on the playoffs was a tough pill to swallow that year, especially considering the team the Steelers ran out in Week 17.

Music City Miracle

One of the most exciting moments in Tennessee Titans history also happens to be one of the most heartbreaking for the Bills. In the 1999 Wild Card game, the Bills were up 16-15 with 16 seconds left. The Bills kicked off the ball to the Titans, which was when one of the craziest plays in NFL history happened. The Titans threw a lateral on the kickoff and 75 yards later Tennessee was in the end zone.

Who knows what would have happened in the games that followed had Buffalo won, but in terms of having a game ripped away from a team, this was about as bad as it gets.

End of a dynasty

Before the AFL-NFL merger, the Bills were one of the more elite teams in the AFL. They won back-to-back AFL titles in 1964 and 1965. Heading into the 1966 AFL Championship game, it looked like they were in line for a three-peat.

However, the Bills fumbled the opening kickoff and it went all downhill from there. Buffalo scored seven points in the first quarter, but didn’t score again the rest of the game and lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-7. It was the end of the Bills’ dynasty and the start of one for the Chiefs. It wasn’t a heartbreaking way to lose the game, but the loss of the game itself was enough to land it on this list.

Super Bowl XXVIII

The last of Buffalo’s four-straight Super Bowl appearances was Super Bowl XXVIII against the Dallas Cowboys. The hope was this was finally the year they were going to get over the hump and lift the Lombardi Trophy. At halftime, the Bills were up 13-6, and fans had to be cautiously hopeful.

In the second half, Buffalo had yet another collapse, letting the Dallas Cowboys score 24 points, which led to their fourth straight Super Bowl loss.

There has been a lot of heartbreak in Bills history, but this was one of the hardest to take.

Wide right

Heading into Super Bowl XXV the Bills were favored to knock off the New York Giants and win their first Super Bowl title.

The Bills were trailing 20-19, but all they needed was a 47-yard field goal to come away with a win and their first Super Bowl title. Scott Norwood lined up for the kick but pushed it wide right and lost the Bills the game.

The Giants came away with the victory, and Buffalo hasn’t gotten that close to a Super Bowl win again. When Bills fans think of heartbreak, this moment is easily No. 1