Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James is NBA 2K24's next GOAT Series player item. James now joins a small list of players that includes Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, and Victor Wembanyama as the only GOAT Series player items in the game. Furthermore, if you unlock all GOAT series player cards, you receive another powerful reward to bolster your MyTEAM. Therefore, we listed everything you need to know about the latest GOAT Series release.

Lakers' LeBron James Is Newest NBA 2K24 GOAT Series Addition

NBA 2K24 is adding MyTEAM GOAT LeBron James on Friday, June 14th, 2024. All of the G.O.A.T. Series LeBron James player items include:

  • G.O.A.T. LeBron James
  • 100 Overall LeBron James
  • Dark Matter LeBron James (SF|PG)
  • Dark Matter LeBron James (SF|SG)
  • Dark Matter LeBron James (SF|PF)
  • Dark Matter LeBron James (SF|C)
  • Galaxy Opal LeBron James
  • Galaxy Opal LeBron James Challenge Reward*

In order to earn the Galaxy Opal LeBron James Challenge Reward Player item, you need to replicate his 2016 Finals Game 7 performance as a team. Overall, the more GOAT series player items you earn, the closer you get to earning a Dark Matter Coach Phil Jackson player item.

There's not much to say about LeBron James that hasn't already been said, as he's one of the best players in NBA history. Sure, people like to joke about how many times his team lost in the finals. But all that said, LeBron has always been the main reason why his team goes to the postseason. He's earned a ring for each team he's played for over the years, including the first ever for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It's also important to mention how often LeBron helps his team make a postseason appearance. While some NBA teams haven't even earned a playoff berth in the last five to eight years, LeBron has only missed the playoffs four times in his entire career. He turns 40 in December, and yet despite that he still plays elite level basketball.

The Lakers' season ended this year after losing to the Denver Nuggets in the First Round. Now, with the offseason ahead of them, James and the Lakers must try and make the adjustments needed to hopefully earn another ring.

Overall, that includes everything we know about the NBA 2K24 LeBron James GOAT Series Player item. For more NBA 2K content, try redeeming the latest locker codes. Furthermore. there's still plenty of time to earn any remaining rewards in Season 7 for both MyTEAM and MyCAREER. Additionally, check out some of our simulations of the NBA Finals. Lastly, always stay tuned for new episodes of 2KTV for free VC.

We'll see you next week for the next GOAT Series player announcement.

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