Chipotle, the beloved Mexican grill, has made an exciting announcement just in time for the NBA Finals, according to USA Today. Starting with Game 1 between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat, Chipotle will be giving away free food throughout the series. The promotion, called “Chipotle Free Pointer,” will reward fans every time a player from either team makes a three-pointer.

For every successful three-pointer made by a Nuggets or Heat player, Chipotle will tweet a unique message from their official account, @CHIPOTLETWEETS. The first 300 people to text that message to 888222 will receive a free entrée code. These lucky fans can then redeem the code by placing an order through the Chipotle App or website during regular business hours.

If Chipotle had run this promotion throughout the entire 2022-2023 NBA season, they estimated they would have given out over 600,000 free entrées on Twitter, averaging 7,380 per game. With the Nuggets and Heat collectively averaging 23 three-pointers per game, Chipotle plans to give away up to 10,500 free entrees per game during the NBA Finals.

Fans are particularly excited about this promotion, as both teams have been prolific in their three-point shooting during the playoffs this year. It's almost unreal how efficient the Heat have been. This means there will be plenty of opportunities for fans to snag a free burrito, as long as they act quickly.

Chris Brandt, the Chief Brand Officer at Chipotle, expressed the company's enthusiasm for the promotion, comparing the excitement of free Chipotle to a well-timed three-pointer on basketball's biggest stage. He stated, “This year, when it rains threes, it rains free burritos.”