The 1992 Dream Team was star-studded with names that are now all-time greats. Huge accomplishments also mean huge egos that need to be managed. While the team may have won the Olympics, their chemistry suffered with beefs arising left and right. Isiah Thomas was one of the stars that was omitted from the squad despite Christian Laettner making the team. All of this was because of Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. This relationship has yet to be mended, but Jordan has beefs after his playing days. Charles Barkley may have just offended the former Charlotte Hornets owner.

Michael Jordan is known for proving people wrong and coming out on top. His take on criticism is all about working out a way to get better at the situation. This was the exact method he employed to overtake Isiah Thomas' Detroit Pistons. However, he has not proven that he could do the same as the Hornets owner. Charles Barkley sent a message to Jordan, and it was not taken well, via Jon Wertheim of CBS Sports.

“Michael disagreed with somethin' I said, and he broke off the friendship. And what I said, I think that he doesn't have enough people around him that are gonna tell him, ‘No.' And he got really offended, and we haven't spoken. But, Jon, I really, I'm gonna do my job. Because I have zero credibility if I criticize other people in the same boat and not criticize my best friend,” the Round Mound of Rebound disclosed.

Jordan's Charlotte stint has been riddled with a lot of mismanagement. The most they have done with a franchise player like Kemba Walker is make the first round. Did Chuck give fair criticism to the Bulls legend?