Like the rest of us, NBA point guard Isaiah Thomas is sitting at home wishing there was basketball. Unlike the rest of us, however, the two-time All-Star is wishing he was a part of an NBA team, too.

Isaiah Thomas, 31, spoke to retired NBA guard Jay Williams on “The Boardroom” about why he believes he's not with a team at the current moment.

“I was a throw-in in a trade — I understood that when that happened … I got waived. I started 40 games for the Washington Wizards, but for the most part when I got waived it was trying to find a playoff team to see if the situation was right, I was still waiting … for a good opportunity.

“I was playing the waiting game, staying ready, and then all this coronavirus stuff has happened and has shut down everything.

“For me, mentally, I just try to stay as positive as I can knowing I can control everything I can possibly control in that situation. … It wasn't my ability that got me traded and waived, it was a business decision.”

Isaiah Thomas has competed for four different teams in three years, most recently signing as a free agent last summer with the Wizards before they traded him a three-team deal with the Los Angeles Clippers, which saw Marcus Morris land there from the New York Knicks, and later waived by the Western Conference contender.

A former 60th-overall pick of the 2011 NBA Draft, Isaiah Thomas later rose to prominence by leading the Boston Celtics to the playoffs and earning two All-Star selections.