Questions arise whether staying late at night and using social can have an effect on one’s physical activities the next day. For athletes like NBA players, it seems to be the case.

Tweeting late at night and playing basketball the next day is correlated to one another, a recent study shows and it can be the main culprit to the decline performance of NBA players who have to take over the court the next day as per Jake Fischer of

The study was conducted by two Stony Brook University professors, namely Lauren Hale, Ph.D and lead investigator Jason J. Jones, PhD.

They’ve found that sleep deprivation truly has an effect on the performances of NBA players, as they analyzed 112 players and looked through 37,000 tweets in a seven year span from 2009 up to 2016.

Their evaluation determined that a player’s score goes down by 1.14 points in games after they tweeted late at night, while their shooting efficiency also took a step back in those games, as it drops by 1.7 points.

The effects are much worse for players who tweeted between 2 AM and 6 AM. Those players’ shooting efficiency plummets by 3.4%.

Clippers guard Patrick Beverly refused to accept this findings:  “Hey man, next thing you know, if you don’t jump over a cat three days before the game, you ain’t gonna make two layups,” he stated. Anyway, the NBA is undefeated.