The basketball community was in for a shock this Tuesday morning. Bronny James, the son of NBA star LeBron James, went into cardiac arrest during a practice for USC basketball. James was rushed to the hospital, and is now stable according to a statement released by the family. Almost immediately, fans shared their support and love for Bronny. Many NBA stars like Trae Young and Jalen Brunson sent messages for Bronny as well.

NBA legend Magic Johnson (a friend of LeBron James) also shared his support for Bronny after suffering from cardiac arrest.

“Cookie and I are praying for LeBron and Savannah’s son Bronny after hearing he suffered a cardiac arrest. We are praying and hoping he makes a full and speedy recovery 🙏🏾”

The James family made the announcement on Tuesday night about Bronny's condition. According to the statement, the son of the NBA star collapsed on the court during a practice for USC basketball. Bronny was immediately rushed to the hospital after receiving first aid. Now, he's in stable condition and was released from the ICU.

Cardiac arrest happens when a person's heart abruptly stops beating and pumping blood. There are many different reasons that trigger cardiac arrest. For example, then-Florida star Keyontae Johnson's sudden collapse on the court in 2020 was partially due to complications from COVID-19. In rare instances, cardiac arrest can be triggered by a traumatic blow to the chest, similar to Damar Hamlin's accident earlier this year. As of the time of writing, the reason behind Bronny James' cardiac arrest is unknown.

Here's to hoping that Bronny James makes a full recovery from this, and that the trigger for this incident is determined. Knowing why he collapsed on the court will be important, not only for his future NBA career, but for his long-term health.