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VIDEO: Courtside vendor previously bumped by LeBron James figures in another incident


Earlier this season, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James caused a courtside mishap when they met the Portland Trail Blazers. The King bumped into a vendor and caused a major spill on the sidelines. LeBron did help the innocent lady up and gave her an apology, which she smilingly accepted, creating a viral moment.

On Friday night, the same courtside vendor got involved in another incident. This time, it was referee Mitchell Urban who caused the mishap.

Both were obviously accidents. James and the referee certaintly did not mean to knock the poor lady down. Unlike James though, the official did not help clean up the mess he made. He did, however, own up to his mistake and apologize afterwards.

As seen in the side by side, it definitely seemed like the LeBron incident made the courtside vendor more happy. I mean, if you get to share a courtside moment with The King, you have to be thrilled with that, right?

Though it could have its downsides, as we saw on Friday and in the Lakers-Blazers game earlier this season, being a courtside vendor must be really fun. Being as close as they are to the action, seeing the players up close, and serving some celebrities and VIPs seated on the front row are just some of the perks on having a job like this.

In terms of this particular Portland vendor’s luck, you have to wonder which NBA player or figure will strike next. Perhaps it might be better if she moves on to a different section?