Tottenham Hotspur came back to defeat Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League semi-final on Wednesday. Steve Nash was standing by with fervor.

Nash, a lifelong soccer fan, spoke on his admiration towards Spurs. He trained with the team early in his NBA career and continued to follow them for the entirety of his career.

Via the club website:

“My dad grew up across the park from White Hart Lane, my granddad was also a Spurs fan and when you are born into that, it’s just a way of life.

“You wake up and wake up to see what is going on in ‘Spurs land’ and from across the pond it’s so easy to follow the team now through social media and the internet and cable TV, it’s even better to be a fan now.

“When I was a kid, you’d have to hope it was a Spurs game on in Canada at 5am in the morning on the west coast, I’d get up with my kit on with my dad. Nowadays, we can get it all.

“I can see every Spurs match in the Premier League and Champions League. I get to see a ton of games and soccer has come so far in the States. I came into the NBA 20 years ago and it was hard to get a game in the States but now you get every Premier League game plus Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Italian games, MLS, Mexico. The game has exploded.

Tottenham will face Liverpool on June 1, where Nash could likely be in attendance to see the team capture its first Champions League title.