Authorities in Cleveland didn't charge Kareem Hunt after the February incident, even though the woman made it clear multiple times that she wanted to press them, and even went as far as saying she thought the best way for it to happen was to get the surveillance video from the front desk.

In the video obtained by TMZ, the woman is seen crying and telling three police officers that she wanted to press charges against the former Kansas City Chiefs running back.

The woman then suggested that the officers go to the front desk and ask the manager for the video to prove that she was telling the truth.

The cops told her they were stuck because the hotel didn't have to hand over the video without a court order, so there wasn't much more they could do.

The cops did eventually interview Hunt, but he was never arrested and charges were never filed. The officers have never explained why they decided not to arrest Hunt, and the officers never seemed super concerned that the crying woman was clearly shaken up.

It's unclear if this is something the city of Cleveland will look at again with the public backlash, but it's clear there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

It should start with how TMZ, a gossip news site, was able to get their hands on a video that the NFL and the Chiefs were never able to.

If they would have gotten this video right away, this PR nightmare could have been avoided.