Former Panthers QB Cam Newton has never been afraid of getting in front of the microphone. In fact, Newton has been more vocal in the media after his retirement from the NFL. The former superstar quarterback had some strong opinions about another NFL legend — Tom Brady.

On a recent episode of the 4th & 1 Full Podcast, Newton called out Tom Brady for trying to get attention with his recent comments about unretirement. He also noted that Brady has a lot of business happening off the field during his retirement and that therefore it would make little sense for Brady to return to a QB-needy NFL team.

“He’s Tom Brady, the most influential football player of our generation,” Newton said. “If he says I’m thinking about coming back, that’s going to hit CNN, they may talk about it at church, that’s how important. It’s one of those type of things, not a lot of players can relate to that. Now do I think he will comeback? F—k no, he knows that. Brady is 103 years-old, not, but does he look in shape, of course, but there’s so many other things, this deal that makes him a minority owner, will bar him from doing that. Also, the mother f—ker just signed a massive network deal with Fox, so why? What is it, $350 million?”

Cam Newton has also flirted with the idea of playing again in the NFL. He has previously stated this offseason that he would've played for the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta chose instead to sign Kirk Cousins.

Brady seeking minority ownership stake with Las Vegas Raiders, lucrative broadcasting career with FOX

New England Patriots former quarterback Tom Brady gestures during a halftime ceremony in his honor during the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.
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Brady will be far from bored in his retirement from the NFL.

One venture is the potential for Brady to purchase a minority ownership stake in the Las Vegas Raiders. The possibility has been reported on since May of 2023. The process itself is still ongoing. It was believed in February that the NFL's Finance Committee would consider Brady's investment in early March with the goal of getting final approval through a vote at the NFL Annual League Meeting in Orlando. The Associated Press reports that this investment did not receive a vote in March, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says that the process is still moving forward.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a delay,” Goodell said. “We go through a thorough process. … I think it’s making progress.”

It is important to note that if Tom Brady does successfully purchase a minority stake in the Raiders that any rumors of him suiting up for Las Vegas will officially end. NFL rules state that non-family club employees, including players, may not own equity in teams.

The biggest opportunity on Brady's plate is a massive broadcasting contract that he previously signed with FOX. Brady is scheduled to make his debut as a broadcaster on FOX starting in the 2024 season. Sources say the plan is for Brady to be a top analyst at FOX. His massive agreement is reportedly a 10-year deal worth $375 million.

Whether we see him next on a football field or as a broadcaster for FOX, it is clear that we're going to be seeing a lot more of Tom Brady very soon.