At one time, Nnamdi Asomugha was considered the best cornerback in the NFL. His time with the Oakland Raiders made him a very popular man.

That led to Asomugha getting a massive contract from the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011. However, that's also when things started to go downhill for the cornerback.

Asomugha was considered elite at coverage. In Philadelphia, he struggled mightily for two years, though. After three games with the San Francisco 49ers in 2013, his career was over.

At least, that career was over.

Asomugha is still a major player. Now he's doing it on a Broadway stage though.

According to Ruthie Fierberg of, Asomugha is starring in the Broadway show A Soldier's Play.

The cornerback performs as First Class Melvin Peterson. It also appears the cornerback has a true talent and love for acting, which may seem odd as he was never much of an actor in High School or anything.

To this day, people still love to debate over Asomugha.

Was he just a product of the miserable Oakland defense? He was the single decent cornerback, so teams refused to throw to him. And that made him look elite. Once he went to the Eagles, that wasn't the case anymore, and he was exposed.

Or was it just poor timing for Philadelphia and that so happened to be when Asomugha's career started to go downhill. Talent on the field doesn't survive age; any player will tell you that. At some point, age wins.

It seems that argument isn't bothering Asomugha, though. Now maybe we will have new arguments surrounding the star. Was his football career or acting career better? Does he deserve an award for his performance in a certain role?

It looks like we could be hearing a lot more from the actor and former cornerback in the upcoming years.