Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “what records does Tom Brady NOT have already?” It’s a valid question, as it seems like the 45-year-old quarterback has nearly every record one could possibly think of. However, there are still a few more records within the GOAT’s reach.

Now all of this depends on Brady returning once again in 2023. He did briefly retire last offseason, but then he announced his return less than two months later. Retiring for good is definitely a real possibility, although it seems more likely that he will, in fact, come back for his 24th NFL season. Whether it’s with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or a new team, expect Brady to still be around next season.

With that in mind, what are a few records Brady could break next season? Keep that “next season” part in mind, as we’re not discussing anything beyond it. For example, Brady could still break the record for the oldest player to ever play, but that’s still three years away. As fun as that is to think about, let’s just cross that bridge when we get to it.

Without further ado, here are four records Tom Brady could break if he returns next season.

4. Most 300-yard passing games

A passing record that Tom Brady doesn’t already have? Believe it or not, yes, Tom Brady does not have this record yet, but he is close. Brady has 113 regular-season games with 300 or more passing yards, while Drew Brees holds the record with 122 such games.

Brady definitely won’t have an easy time breaking this record at 46 years old next season. He had a bit of a drop-off this season, with only five 300-yard games in 2022, down from nine in 2021. In order to break this record, Brady will have to play more like he did in 2021 than he did in 2022.

3. Most career starts with one team

Of all the records on this list, this one is the least likely by far. Tom Brady could get all the other records anywhere, but for this one, he has to return to the New England Patriots for one last ride. That doesn’t seem likely at all, but there is a very small chance it could happen.

If it does happen, though, then Brady would very easily break this record if he stays healthy. He has 285 career starts with New England, just eight shy of the record of 293. That record belongs to offensive lineman Bruce Matthews, who achieved the feat with the Tennessee Titans franchise between 1983 and 2001.

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Brady already has the record for games started in both the regular season and postseason, so this would be another fine addition to the collection.

2. 50 playoff games

If you want to be technical, this one is more of a milestone than a record to break. As previously mentioned, Tom Brady already holds the record for most playoff games and starts with 48. While he already holds this record, becoming the first to play in 50 postseason games would be another massive accomplishment.

That said, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. For Brady to even have a chance at this record, he needs to make the playoffs, and that’s no sure thing if 2023 goes as badly as 2022. Additionally, he has to win a playoff game, which he has done most seasons, but failed to do in 2022.

If Brady still has another run in him, though, he will be the first player ever to achieve such a feat. Not that he needs it, but this would be another notch in his legendary career.

1. Most games played

As hard as it is to believe, Tom Brady somehow does not have the NFL record for most games played. At 385 games between the regular season and postseason, he is extremely close, but doesn’t have it just yet. The person who does hold the record is his former Patriots teammate Adam Vinatieri, who played in 397 games.

Of all the records on this list, this one is easily the most feasible. All Brady has to do is just start 12 games, something he has done every season except for 2008, when he tore his ACL in Week 1. No specific team to sign with, no additional hoops to jump through, just play 12 games and the record is his.

Not only is this record the easiest to attain, but would be the most monumental too. There’s nothing left for Brady to prove at this point, but this could be a crown jewel on his career. If he does break the record, it’s hard to imagine any other player breaking it ever again.