The Tampa Bay Buccaneers begin their preseason game action on Friday evening against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It will be an interesting season in Tampa Bay as the Buccaneers have to replace arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game after Tom Brady entered retirement. Tampa signed Baker Mayfield in the off-season, and reports were surfacing recently stating that Mayfield would be the week one starter. Now, rumors are swirling that there is no confirmation of that information.

Just yesterday, a report came out that said Baker Mayfield would start week one for the Buccaneers from Ira Kaufman of However, since that report has been made, new information has surfaced stating that no decision on a week one starter has been made for the Bucs, and any information that says otherwise is not true, according to a tweet from Greg Auman.

It looks like we'll just have to wait until the season kicks off to know whether or not Mayfield will be the guy. The biggest competitor for Mayfield at the QB position is Kyle Trask, but it seemed like the Buccaneers brought Mayfield in during the off-season to be QB1. Perhaps Tampa Bay doesn't want to show their cards just yet, but they really do have a decision made. Either way, there is a month before the regular season starts, and the Buccaneers have plenty of time to get things sorted out.

Tampa Bay has two more preseason games after Friday, against the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens, before kicking off the regular season on the road against the Minnesota Vikings.