The NFL could be hit with its latest gambling scandal, as an unnamed Indianapolis Colts player is being investigated for “pervasive” activity, according to SportsHandle's Matt Rybaltowski. An anonymous source alleges that the indiscretions involve betting on Colts games.

The Colts weighed in on the unfortunate situation. “We are aware of the NFL’s investigation, and we will have no further comment at this time,” the team told Mike Chappell of Fox59 and CBS4.

Player betting has been a prominent issue of late in the league, as multiple members of the Detroit Lions, most notably wide receiver Jameson Williams, and a player on the Washington Commanders were punished in April for violating the NFL's gambling policy. Those incidents involved wagering on college football games, but were still not in compliance with the rules based on them taking place in the team's facility.

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The nature of this latest allegation is much more severe, obviously, so one could expect the league to come down extremely hard if proven true. The rumored bets are said to have been made through a friend's account and were mainly placed during 2022 (some in 2023). This is being looked at by Indiana Gaming Commissioner Deputy Director Jenny Reske.

“I can confirm that we have received information pertaining to this matter and we are following developments,” she told SportsHandle. “The IGC is not the lead agency because it involves violations of league policy. We will, however, continue to review information as it emerges to see if it requires any regulatory action.”

The Colts are aware of the

The player in question is reportedly not a household name. Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Calvin Ridley is the face of this recent wave of player gambling and just served a one-year suspension for betting on games in 2021, while on hiatus from the Atlanta Falcons.

Betting has become inextricably linked to sports, but the league does not permit NFL competition to be wagered on by players under any circumstances. Still, fans can expect a debate too emerge in wake of all of these occurrences.