Massive changes are about to happen with the New England Patriots this offseason. After another disastrous season, Bill Belichick is likely to not be with the team (whether he's fired or he leaves). While most of the talk revolves around Belichick's next destination, one question remains. Who will be the next coach of the Pats if the long-time head coach does leave?

Well, there's a former Patriots player-turned-coach that could be on the market soon. Mike Vrabel is coaching the Tennessee Titans, but after two awful seasons, his job could be in jeopardy. Tom Pelissero's report notes that Vrabel could be the successor to Bill Belichick, given New England's interest.

“If Vrabel did become available, though, league sources expect there would be a robust market. Among other teams, the Patriots — who inducted Vrabel into their Hall of Fame in October and ignited speculation when Vrabel was spotted watching the game from owner Robert Kraft's suite while Tennessee had its bye — potentially could have an opening soon and would be a logical landing spot.”

Pelissero also notes that Vrabel, who played for the Patriots during his playing days, might be unhappy with the situation on the Titans.

“Former NFL executive Michael Lombardi, who worked for the Patriots and has close ties to Vrabel mentor Bill Belichick, said recently on his podcast that there are “real issues” between Vrabel and the front office, adding: “They wanna keep Vrabel, but I think Vrabel's not happy with the setup that he has.””

After earning the first seed in the AFC two years ago, the Titans have been in a bit of a spiral. Unlike their AFC South peers, they their young quarterback isn't quite on the same level as the other young QBs. Should Vrabel get tired of the situation in Tennessee, he could decide to bolt and join the Patriots, this time as a coach.

Truth be told, though… the Patriots' situation isn't exactly an ideal landing spot for coaches. Mac Jones has clearly regressed, and their skill positions players are either underperforming or is injured. The defense is excellent, as always, but that offense. Whoever ends up taking the Pats' coaching job needs to be prepared for some massive overhauls.