If anyone watches ESPN's programming, they probably know there isn't any shortage of hot takes. Analyst Robert Griffin III has been known to have a few of his own on those airwaves.

Add another one to the scorecard for Robert Griffin III, as he had an opinion on what the Las Vegas Raiders should do to address their quarterback situation. The exchange was captured on the NFL on ESPN's Twitter page.

Yes, Griffin III said the Raiders should pick up the phone and give the New England Patriots a call to inquire about QB Mac Jones. This probably sounds a little far-fetched, but given the topic, it might not be.

It's no secret the Raiders' head coach, Josh McDaniels, was the offensive coordinator for the Patriots before heading to Las Vegas. The last season he was in New England was Jones' rookie season, and he had a good amount of success with Jones as his guy.

We also know the Raiders have to fill the void left by the release of long-time starter Derek Carr. They're reportedly in the market for a potential trade with the Green Bay Packers to bring QB Aaron Rodgers to Vegas, and Jimmy Garoppolo, who has been with the San Francisco 49ers, has also reportedly drawn interest.

As far as the Patriots go, the parallels aren't too far off for a proposed McDaniels-Jones reunion, but who knows if New England would be interested in dealing their young QB, especially with Bill Belichick in charge?

For now, the comments of Griffin III are speculation, but weirder things have happened before.