As most people predicted, Lovie Smith has been fired from his post as the head coach of the Houston Texans. It's easy to forget after this chaotic season, but Smith really wasn't supposed to coach for Houston this season. The team was supposed to hire Josh McCown (again) as their coach. When that deal fell through, though, they moved on and went with Smith.

Smith is now the second consecutive Texans head coach to be fired after just one season. Last season, David Culley was also axed after just one season. The optics of firing two Black head coaches after just one season certainly don't look good, and former Heisman winner Robert Griffin III called that out.

“The Houston Texans have fired Lovie Smith after 1 year. Using 2 Black Head Coaches to tank and then firing them after 1 year shouldn’t sit right with anyone.”

Yes, Lovie Smith only won two games for the Texans in his first year. Other teams would be right in firing a coach that went 2-14-1 in Year 1. However, Smith was dealt an extremely unpleasant hand to play with in Houston . With another top draft pick coming, Smith should've at least been given a chance to nurture his players.

At the very least, Lovie Smith gave the Texans a parting gift… or a parting bomb, depending on your perspective. Smith's ballsy two-point attempt in Week 18 secured his second and last win in Houston… and also brought them to the second spot in the 2023 NFL draft. We'll see if another team decides to give Smith one more chance.