Frank Reich is no longer the head coach of the Carolina Panthers after he got the pink slip from the team last Monday.

While the 17-10 road loss to the Tennessee Titans appeared to be the final straw for Reich's time with Carolina, his dismissal from his job as head coach of the team could be partly attributed to his refusal to commit to a scheme for quarterback Bryce Young that was suggested by the front office, according to a source of Kyle Bailey of Sports Radio WFNZ.

“A league source tells me that before Frank Reich was fired he was approached by the front office about incorporating more RPO plays into his game-plan to suit Bryce Young’s strengths. Source told me Reich declined, saying it didn’t really fit his offensive system.”

Panthers still waiting for Bryce Young to blossom

Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young

It makes sense for the Panthers' front office to make a suggestion or two about how the team is run on the field, especially since Carolina has won just once in 11 games so far in the 2023 NFL regular season. But Reich apparently wanted to continue doing it his way, even though there was an extreme lack of tangible evidence — AKA wins — that his system works.

Bryce Young has yet to get it together in the NFL, but he's also just still a rookie. Not everyone can adjust and shine right away in the league. That being said, it is understandable as well if the Panthers are secretly growing impatient with Young. On the season, Young has 1,877 passing yards and nine touchdowns with eight interceptions on a 61.7 percent completion rate.