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Nike executive believes LaVar Ball is the ‘worst thing to happen to basketball in last 100 years’

lavar ball
Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Essentially from their birth, LaVar Ball has been hyping up his sons: potential 2017 top draft pick Lonzo, and his brothers LiAngelo and LaMelo. LaVar’s endless hype machine is built on outlandish claims and exaggerations, but while his plan has its merits, it also has received plenty of criticism.

One of those critics is George Raveling, a former college player and coach, who is currently an executive at Nike. Raveling is so against the elder Ball, that he believes the father is literally the worst thing ever.

Tell us how you really feel, George!

Ball is seeking a $1 billion sneaker deal with Nike, which the company likely won’t give him. Nike is however, interested in signing Lonzo to a sponsorship deal — but given how much disdain Raveling has for his father, that possibly could change if he puts his foot down.

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