Unlike the Warriors‘ magical run to the title last spring, the 2016 playoffs were never easy for Stephen Curry and the rest of the Dubs. The injury bug hit them when it mattered most, in wake of the greatest regular season in the history of the NBA.

As a result of Curry's ankle and knee injuries against the Houston Rockets in the first round, a debate arose regarding Steph's health any time he struggled in the postseason the rest of the way. In particular, when the Warriors fell down to the Thunder three games to one in the Western Conference finals.

He appeared to have silenced those questions when the Warriors stormed back to win the next three games and reach the NBA Finals, but once again, he didn't appear to be himself most of the Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, while fans and members of the media made excuses for him, Curry refused to do so. That was no different following Sunday night's defeat.

Stephen Curry
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

From Matt Moore of CBS Sports:

“There isn't any surgery or anything in my future this summer. I need to get healthier, but there is no excuses for what happened on the floor,” Curry said. “I was out there, ready to play. I had some good games, I had some bad games. And that's it. I'll come back stronger next season and be ready to go.”

Curry was surely banged up, but so is everybody else at this point in the playoffs. It wasn't just his ankle and knee; both the Thunder and Cavs made sure to get physical with Curry from start to finish in each series, making him work for every inch on the court. That's what happens when you're the MVP, and Curry didn't make the needed adjustments in the end.

Moore noted that the reporters continued to press Curry, hoping for some sort of resignation that he is indeed injured. He never gave one.

“I'm fine. I mean, I have three months to obviously get ready for next season,” he said. “I won't get injured celebrating tonight, I can tell you that much.”

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