Ever since Meiko Satomura was announced as the next challenger for Roxanne Perez, Shawn Michaels, and company have drilled it into fans' heads that the match was going to be a war of attrition.

The show ran segments where Satomura held grueling workout sessions, with everyone invited by Perez tapping out before the show came to an end, and when she was interviewed before the match, the performer formerly known as Rok-C let it be known that she was going to “leave everything in that ring to keep this championship.”

Unfortunately for Roxanne Perez, at least in a Kayfabe sense, she needed to do just that, as the multi-time Women's World Champion had to quite literally give it all she had to secure a roll-up for the 1-2-3 before laying motionless on the mat with her NXT title laid next to her. After a few moments of uncertainty, with Booker T and Vic Joseph operating as if business was usual, the NXT referee corps and medical staff emerged from the back to eventually load Perez on a stretcher, with Booker and Michaels walking her to a waiting ambulance in the back as the show went off the air.

So what gives? Was this a reference to when Michaels passed out in a match against Owen Hart? Or does the promotion have something else in the cards, something that could set up a match at Stand and Deliver, perhaps? Either way, watching a wrestler get ambulance-ed away with no music playing and the commentary crew very confused was an interesting choice for NXT Roadblock‘s finale, especially since fans who recorded the show until 10 pm saw none of it since the show went over.