Offset and Quavo delivered a heartfelt surprise performance at the 2023 BET Awards, honoring their Migos groupmate Takeoff, who tragically lost his life in a dispute in Houston. Despite their own past conflicts, Offset took to Instagram Live to reflect on the emotional significance of the performance and the efforts they put into paying tribute, according to Complex.

During the Instagram Live broadcast, Offset expressed his love for the fans and described the BET performance as iconic. He revealed that he and Quavo had meticulously planned the tribute in a remarkably short span of time, working tirelessly for approximately 16 hours. The dedication and talent they possess as true stars allowed them to create a performance that cleared their souls and left a lasting impact.

The Migos members, known for their contributions to the music industry, highlighted their unity and emphasized their status as the greatest group to ever touch the mic. They stood tall as brothers, supporting each other through thick and thin. Offset expressed deep gratitude to everyone who supported them, acknowledging the significance of the moment for the culture.

Offset further revealed the immense effort they invested in perfecting the BET Awards performance. They sacrificed sleep and meticulously planned every aspect, from the visuals to the stage positioning and lighting. After hours of dedicated work, they treated the audience to a powerful rendition of their chart-topping 2016 single, “Bad N Boujee.”

The reunion held tremendous emotional weight for Offset, Quavo, and their late groupmate Takeoff. The performance served as a cinematic moment, a testament to their artistry and a tribute to their fallen brother. Offset expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to honor Takeoff and the profound impact the moment had on them.