Lane Kiffin's Ole Miss football program is entering a more normal week than usual this time of year, as they are preparing to face Penn State on Saturday in the Peach Bowl. Throughout the month of December, college football programs are dealing with the transfer portal, whether that be departures or recruiting players to join the program in the future. Lane Kiffin's Ole Miss football program has had some success and made some intriguing additions so far from the portal, but Kiffin made it known that he is not a fan of the current calendar, in which players are departing during bowl season.

“We're actually kind of, finally, to a normal part now, where today's Tuesday and we actually play on a Saturday,” Kiffin said, via Nick Schultz of “So it's a normal week for us. We're just in a hotel in a different city. Previous to this, it's been a little chaotic with not just recruiting and flying around, trying to get back for practice, a lot of assistant coaches not at the practices. But then, dealing with the portal, going to other universities to see kids and dealing with keeping our own kids.”

Kiffin described the hectic life of a college coach during this time. It is not a unique thing to him at Ole Miss. He continued to go in on the system.

“Again, it's a terrible system,” Kiffin said, via Schultz. “No other — I wouldn't think any other sports, professional sports, have ever set up a system where free agency starts while the season is still going. So it really makes no sense. You can leave, you can stay, you can go other places, coaches can call you and our season is still going. It would be like before the NFC or AFC playoffs start in a couple weeks, all of a sudden, hey, free agency the week before opens.”

Amid the madness, Ole Miss and Kiffin will look to operate on a normal clock this week and get a win over Penn State football in the Peach Bowl.