The college football world turned upside down on Monday night when a rumor surfaced saying that Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin would be stepping down on Friday in order to take the vacant head coaching job with Auburn. A series of hilarious social media reactions followed, with Kiffin himself chipping in.

The Ole Miss coach's actions seemed to indicate that there was no truth to the report. And yet, it's hard to be sure with someone like Kiffin, who is a master troll artist and about as unpredictable as they come.

On Tuesday, Kiffin took action, meeting with Ole Miss players amid rumors he'd be bolting for Auburn football. Here's the message he passed along to his players, sources told Chris Low of ESPN.

“He told the players his focus was on Mississippi State and nothing else and that any reports out there about his accepting another offer were totally false,” sources told ESPN.”

Per ESPN, Lane Kiffin felt that his Ole Miss football players deserved to hear a formal statement on the situation ahead of the Egg Bowl vs. Mississippi State.

It's pretty surprising to hear Kiffin say that the Auburn football rumors were “totally false.” For the sake of the Rebels players, he had better be telling them the truth.

It would be a pretty bad look to look your players in the eye, tell them you're not going anywhere- and that the rumors are false- then slap them in the face and do what you said was absolutely not happening.

With the Egg Bowl on Thursday, fans won't have to wait long to see how this plays out. Will the Ole Miss-Mississippi State game be Lane Kiffin's last for the Rebels?