Lane Kiffin has been the subject of college football rumors ever since the head coaching job at Auburn opened up earlier this year. Kiffin, who has been the head coach at Ole Miss football since the 2020 season, has repeatedly denied he is going anywhere. Yet, the rumors have not ceased.

In fact, they've only gotten stronger. The latest reporting suggests that Lane Kiffin will leave the Rebels on Friday and will become the next head coach of the Auburn football program.

Well, the report set Twitter ablaze with plenty of reactions. Here are the best ones.

Not everyone was buying the Lane Kiffin-to-Auburn football rumor. This Twitter user points out the effect such a shocking move would have on Tigers alum and interim head coach Carnell “Cadillac” Williams.

College football Twitter then proceeded to go nuts. This user noted that the reporter, Jon Sokoloff of WCBI News, is the same one who broke the news that the Tigers had hired Mississippi State athletic director John Cohen to be their next AD.

People then speculated about how much Kiffin could make with Auburn football.

$10 million plus sounds about right for such a move. Then people immediately began to speculate about how such a move would affect Ole Miss football's roster.

Would a mass exodus for the transfer portal- a la Lincoln Riley-to-USC- surprise anyone? Then, college football Twitter veered away from speculation and ventured into some more amusing reactions.

Hilarious. Lane Kiffin making his tour around the SEC is a funny thought. So is this.

This Twitter user is referring to, of course, former Ole Miss football and Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville, who made a similar career choice.

Lane Kiffin to Auburn is not yet official. But if the rumor turns out to be true, Twitter might not be able to handle the reactions from college football fans.