Oregon football coach Dan Lanning dropped a rather savage message after his Ducks blew out Deion Sanders and Colorado football on Saturday, 42-6.

The Buffaloes were simply no match for the Ducks, who were ranked no. 10 in the nation. Colorado football had no chance at all, and it was apparent right before the first half ended when Oregon established a 35-0 lead.

After the win, Lanning admitted that he actually expected more from the game. Considering that Colorado was the hottest team in college football entering the contest, he and the Ducks went into the contest hoping for a battle. Instead, it ended a one-sided affair.

The Buffaloes were only able to score in the fourth quarter when the game was out of reach. Shedeur Sanders was sacked seven times by the Oregon football defensive line, all while throwing for just 159 yards and one touchdown.

We were prepared for a battle. It didn’t end up being a battle,” Lanning said about the match, via The Athletic.

While it's certainly quite the disrespectful message, Dan Lanning was just speaking facts here. Besides, as everyone knows, the winner always has the bragging rights. Oregon thrashed Colorado and more than deserves to celebrate it. Not to mention that the Buffaloes did make some disrespectful gesture towards their opponents as well.

Perhaps had Colorado football made it a tight game, the comments would have been different. For now, the Buffaloes can do nothing but accept that they have lost.

Oregon now looks ahead of Week 5 where they'll face Stanford. As for Colorado, they'll look to bounce back against another tough match-up in USC.