Protection Suzu. Kiriko is currently the newest addition to the hero pool of Overwatch 2, before the new hero, Ramattra, enters the fray. Kiriko has already proven herself to be included in the meta, shown in professional play, Overwatch League Grand Finals in 2022.

Kiriko has a very powerful kit for Support heroes, having 2 instances of invulnerability for herself and within the area she uses it, and an amazing ultimate that speeds up all actions, like movement speed, rate of fire, and cooldowns of each player. Although the support hero has only 200 HP to work with, this sneaky trick would help you block incoming headshot damage, to reduce the chances of being taken out instantly, and surviving longer to protect your team.

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A Twitch streamer named Flats exposed this trick on Twitter, showcasing how by simply looking up with Kiriko, she can negate shots from Widowmaker or Hanzo that would have killed her. He demonstrated that the Kiriko player doesn't even have to use the Protection Suzu skill, which makes the players on the targeted area invulnerable for a while, and cleanse negative effects. Flats used Widowmaker to show precision in trying to headshot Kiriko's model. It is seen that it took him a while to find the perfect angle to one shot Kiriko, but imagine it during gameplay where you wouldn't find the best possible angle for it. Just by the Kiriko player looking up, he or she will be able to block the massive damage coming her way due to her model's stance having her arm extended that makes it look like she's blocking with it.


There is an upcoming patch coming in November 15, before the new Season of Overwatch 2 begins with the introduction of the new hero Ramattra on December 6. Kiriko's hitbox might not be updated by that point due to only recently discovering the potential bug. There is also a delay for the upcoming patch due to a critical issue, which can be read here, so we'll have to wait further for the announcements.

Before the fix happens, be sure to make use of the sneaky trick of covering your face with Kiriko's arm by just looking up.

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