Wrestling WWE superstar Drew McIntyre does not sound fun. OVW National Heavyweight champion Jessie Godderz recalled wrestling the Scottish Warrior back in the day.

“[He's] just a mountain of a man,” Godderz said of McIntyre during our chat about the hit Netflix docuseries, Wrestlers.

He had wrestled Drew McIntyre (when he went by Drew Galloway) during his time in TNA (or Impact Wrestling).

When the OVW star brought up the name of McIntyre, I had to ask: Do his Claymore Kicks connect? 

“Everything that Drew does connects — everything,” the OVW champion said with a laugh. “And the reason why it sticks in my head as a match [is] because of the physicality that he had.”

Sure, McIntyre is a big dude, no doubt about it. That only enhances the impact that which he hits with. “He's such a big body. Again, 6'5″, 6'6″, like whatever he is, but I think he's like 260-270 [lbs]. [He] is very impactful,” Godderz said.

Another thing that plays into McIntyre's physicality is the WWE product. One of the things that Godderz talked to ClutchPoints abuot was the difference between TV tapings and live events. WWE has three televised shows a week — Raw, SmackDown, and NXT — and those are drastically different than the live events that aren't televised.

“Their sole purpose is to entertain the people that actually bought the tickets there. Whereas when it comes to the television shows, I'm not saying that they don't care about you, [but] what I'm saying is they're trying to put on a TV show the same way that any of these sitcoms have live audiences. They're not doing it for the live audience, they're doing it for the response of the live audience during focal points during the storytelling, you know?” Godderz explained.

When it comes to McIntyre, he's well aware that he's on TV. “He [McIntyre] knows that he's on television and everything is there,” Godderz said. “When I say that, everything's connecting, everything's hitting soft spots, everything's landing, everything's very crisp. So when I'm giving it back to him, I'm not the same stature as him, but I promise you if somebody hits me, I'm hitting them back to be like, ‘Hey, either you're going to start chilling out or this is how it's going to be the entire rest of the match.'”

But Godderz can't be mad at him. McIntyre is built different, and a physical match is how he operates. “But that's him at a normal pace. And it is very physical. It is very real,” he said, “So when I say that Claymore is going to be there, oh, it's there.”

And while you may be asking yourself, Does it actually hurt?, Godderz doesn't even want to hear it. “You're eating it,” he empasizes. “It's like a chair shot when people are like, ‘Oh, are chair shots real?' It's like, ‘Did you see the chair hit me?' There's no smoke and mirrors. This isn't a magic show, okay [laughs]? It's a real chair that they picked up. So absolutely, yes.”

Perhaps after the exposure Netflix's Wrestlers brings to OVW and Jessie Godderz, he'll get more opportunities. It'd be amazing to see him take on Drew McIntyre, one of the WWE's finest, one last time.

Wrestlers is on Netflix now.