After the Week 1 win over the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love made it clear that Green Bay's winning ways against their division rival were going to continue, telling reporters that “nothing's changed.” Love's Packers predecessor Aaron Rodgers, who dominated the Bears to the tune of a 24-5 career record, apparently agrees.

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers revealed the epic text message he sent Love after finding out the Packers had beaten the Bears in the latter's second career start.

“Congratulations on keeping the ownership in place.”

Ouch. It's bad enough that Bears fans, who were finally hoping to turn the tide in this rivalry, had to watch as another Packers QB picked them apart en route to the loss.

But it's even worse that they have to listen to Rodgers, the author of so many heartbreaking moments for the Bears, rub it in even further, especially given the week they've had.

Rodgers, of course, infamously taunted Bears fans after a game-sealing touchdown run for the Packers back in 2021, telling them that he “owns” Chicago.

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Sonny Giuliano ·

The text message from Rodgers to Love was the New York Jets QB's way of passing the baton of Bears ownership over to the newest Packers signal-caller.

If Love, who has thrown for 396 yards and six touchdowns against no interceptions in two games, keeps up his level of play, he'll be doing a lot more for the Packers than keeping up with ownership of the Bears.

As for Chicago, they'll get a chance to shut Rodgers up in January when they take on the Packers in the final game of the 2023 season.