Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers currently sit at 4-8 heading into Week 13.

Rodgers, who is currently in his 18th season with the Packers, has struggled at times this season. Over 12 games, he has thrown for 2,682 yards, 21 touchdowns, and nine interceptions.

Throughout this season, Aaron Rodgers has dealt with several injuries. This includes a thumb injury that has impacted him at times.

In Week 12, Aaron Rodgers was forced to leave the game with a rib injury. In his place, third-year quarterback Jordan Love took the field.

Albeit a small sample size, Love played well against the Eagles defense. He threw for 113 yards and one touchdown while in the game.

Based on how the season has gone for the Packers, many have questioned if the team could choose to put the ball in Love’s hands for the rest of the season.

On Wednesday, Aaron Rodgers was asked how he would feel if Jordan Love took over as the starter. The longtime Packers QB1 provided a long and insightful answer.

Via USA Today’s Ryan Wood:

“Look, I’d love to finish the season out, but I understand this is a business and there's a lot of us older guys who play a decent amount, and they might want to see some of the younger guys play. Hopefully we don't have to have that conversation, but if that comes up, I'll approach it with an open mind without any bitterness or resentment.”

Aaron Rodgers has been the face of this Packers team for over a decade. But he is aware that the NFL is also a business, and he seems to be prepared for whatever may come next.