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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers’ perfect reaction to miserable 7-point showing vs. Vikings

Packers, Aaron Rodgers, Packers Week 1

The Green Bay Packers were favored walking into Minnesota to take on the Vikings in Week 1. What Packers fans, and football fans in general, saw was an absolutely putrid display.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw for less than 200 yards in the 23-7 loss. Furthermore, he had zero touchdowns and threw an interception.

Following the game, Rodgers had a bit of a sense of humor. He joked with reporters, comparing the Packers Week 1 performance this season to that of last season.

“I feel like we had a much better performance,” Rodgers quipped. “We scored four more points than we did that day. There’s a lot to build on when you compare the two.”

However, Rodgers got serious, and admitted there were things to clean up. He missed throws, and he made a lot of mistakes. The Packers cannot win if Rodgers plays like that.

“Look, it’s tough to win in this league, and it’s definitely tough when you get in your own way too many times. I felt like we did some good things. Maybe we’ve got to get some more touches for Jonesy (Aaron Jones) and (AJ) Dillon. Made a lot of mistakes in the perimeter, missed some throws, so there’s a lot to clean up all the way around,” Rodgers said.

The veteran Packers quarterback told reporters that above all else, it’s the mental errors his team needs to clean up.

“It’s the mental stuff that we just can’t have because we’re hurting ourselves,” Rodgers said. “Whether we’re going the wrong way on a block or missing a protection or missing a hot (read) or not running the right route, the right depth, there was just too many mental mistakes.”